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If you need bespoke components including torsion, tension and compression springs, wire forms or small pressings, choose A & L Springs. Based in Countesthorpe, Leicester, we deliver throughout the UK. With fast turnaround and great service, get the value and quality you're looking for with A&L Springs. Get your free quote - call our team today.


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A & L Springs don't just manufacture springs, we offer wire forms and small pressings. We are able to take either drawings or samples, then duplicate them and reproduce them in small or large quantities.

Wire forms and small pressings

We manufacture the following:

   Garter Springs

   Conical Springs

   Helicoil Springs

   Precision Cut Springs

   Coil Springs

   Secateur Springs

   Spiral Springs

   Spring Hooks

   Spring Latches

   Spring Pressings

   Flat Knob Clips

   Roller door Springs

   Shutter Door Springs

   Door Springs

   Fine Pressings

   Closed Coil Springs

   Constant Force Springs

   Fastener Springs

   Upholstery Springs

   Volute Springs

   Welded Pressings

   Fabricated Pressings

   Precision Pressings

   Chamfer End Wire Formed Components

   Dumbbell Bar Clips

   Garage Door Springs

No job is too small for us, we can take orders for one-off to many thousands. Our customers are the most important thing to us and that is why we strive to get their orders completed and delivered on time.

And many more for every purpose- please call our team today